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On the frontier

The next chapter starts with me on my way to Claini. From Hemouner to Claini there are 3 jumps and the systems have already been visited, so I decided to go directly to Claini.

Date: 2019.01.05 Ship location: Hemouner | Seevadin | Khanid
Ship log: 00002
Ship registry log: I woke up dizzy. Cryogenic sleep is in some ways awful and I'm still not used too. I was at Hemouner. The ship was ok, so I turned ship systems back online, aligned to Seshala and warped.

When I jumped to Claini, the system was clear. No one in local. Khanid is really a wasteland. The system is very small and has a very peculiar star. A little shiny white star.

After some shots, I decided to keep moving. The next system visited was Ashmarir which has a stargate to Highsec. This makes this system very busy and with several gatecamps a day. Darwinism makes it pretty bloody. Maybe that's why the start system looks like this...

Another peculiar thing in this system is the abandoned shipwreck, a signature available to wa…

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